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tour guide naples, campania
 funny naples
There is something truly vibrant and alive,
something infinite. (John Turturro)
artistic naples
Neapolitans dig the art from the sun.
(Camillo Boito)
legendary naples
Remove Vesuvius to Naples,
and the voice of the enchanted mermaid
awill lose the sweetest harmonies.
(Renato Fucini)
spectacular naples
I apologize all those who
the sight of Naples makes lose senses!
(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)
musical naples
Musical capital of Europe,
ergo of the world.
(Charles de Brosses)
authentic naples
Wonderful, quaint, poignant:
that of the street. (Roger Peyrefitte)
Guided tours Campania (Italy)



The Campania Region, formerly called "Campania Felix" because of its fertile land, favourable climate and friendly atmosphere, is located in southern Italy and is bordered to the west by the Tyrrhenian Sea.
The continued domination suffered by this region has made the Campania a very rich cultural and tourist crib.
Today is the Italian region with the largest number of goods recognized World Heritage Site by Unesco.



Land of proud people, the Samnites, who gave a hard time to the Romans. Sannio is a unique land, the main center is Benevento. In the middle of a valley, surrounded by mountains of the Campanian Appenines (mountain chain from north to south Italy) and among them "the sleeper of Sannio", a mountain so called from the particular shape environment, characterized by vineyards that give us unique wines such as Falanghina. Benevento is a small town with a main street lined with several monuments that have marked its history. One important monument is The Arch of Trajan, The Arch was a triumphal arch built in 114 at the entrance to the city of Beneventum from the Appia Trajana, connecting Rome with Brundisium (Brindisi). The Appia Via had ended at Capua; the Appia Trajana extended the road to Brundisium. At the time, the Arch of Trajan was part of the city walls. Its bas-relief sculptures portrayed the life and military adventures of the Emperor Trajan. In Benevento there is the Lombard Church of St. Sophia, the Roman Theatre and so continuing. Benevento means too local "Strega liquer", the nougat. This is the land where the witches dancing around the walnut tree. Many countries make up the crown as Sant'Agata dei Goti, an ancient town whose name derives from the presence of the french family of De Goth; still Pietrelcina, birthplace of Padre Pio (a Capuchin friar, a very famous and loved saint) or Pietraroja (the name of this village comes from the red color of the marble) famous for the discovery of a baby dinosaur that was called Ciro, Cyrus.

Duration: 1 day


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