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tour guide naples, campania
 funny naples
There is something truly vibrant and alive,
something infinite. (John Turturro)
artistic naples
Neapolitans dig the art from the sun.
(Camillo Boito)
legendary naples
Remove Vesuvius to Naples,
and the voice of the enchanted mermaid
awill lose the sweetest harmonies.
(Renato Fucini)
spectacular naples
I apologize all those who
the sight of Naples makes lose senses!
(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)
musical naples
Musical capital of Europe,
ergo of the world.
(Charles de Brosses)
authentic naples
Wonderful, quaint, poignant:
that of the street. (Roger Peyrefitte)
Gastronomy in Naples (Campania - Italy)



Campania is an ancient land. Here are interwoven ancient traditions which are expressed in its most beautiful form that the pleasure of eating together, typical of a Mediterranean lifestyle. In Campania, the food is not just about survival, but is an integral part of a philosophy of life guided by the pleasure and sharing, the philosophy that a famous Latin poet beautifully summed up in the motto Carpe Diem, Seize the day the. Good food, consumed in the company, is one of the essential pleasures of life. A pleasure that involves all five senses. In preparing the food, are essential sense of smell and sight, in the eating instead; touch and taste are the masters. Let's not forget the hearing. Think of the conversation, sharing and companionship. The recipes range from a great plate of pasta with clams, fish in crazy water, desserts (so varied that you never know what to choose) to pizza, once relegated to the food of the poor, to vegetables, fruit ("annurche" apples, Vesuvius apricots, cherries in the outskirts of Naples) to D.O.P products, especially the famous "buffalo mozzarella" which he sees as the production area of ​​Caserta and Salerno, wines, red wines such as Taurasi and white as Fiano di Avellino and the Greek di Tufo.

Pasta and pizza in Naples (Campania - Italy)



The term "diet" refers to the etymology Greek "lifestyle", that is, to all the practices, representations, expressions, knowledge, skills, knowledge and cultural spaces with which the people of the Mediterranean have created and recreated over the centuries a synthesis between the cultural, social organization and religious and mythical universe around food.