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tour guide naples, campania
 funny naples
There is something truly vibrant and alive,
something infinite. (John Turturro)
artistic naples
Neapolitans dig the art from the sun.
(Camillo Boito)
legendary naples
Remove Vesuvius to Naples,
and the voice of the enchanted mermaid
awill lose the sweetest harmonies.
(Renato Fucini)
spectacular naples
I apologize all those who
the sight of Naples makes lose senses!
(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)
musical naples
Musical capital of Europe,
ergo of the world.
(Charles de Brosses)
authentic naples
Wonderful, quaint, poignant:
that of the street. (Roger Peyrefitte)
Music, theater, cinema in Naples (Campania - Italy)



Three worlds meet. Sometimes love, sometimes hate each other.
These worlds will find them together in Naples. You'll see them go hand in hand, chasing each other in the streets, in and out of the theaters. Just stop for a moment, sit back and watch. The show begins!
Every street and square is a stage. Every person knows to be an actor. Naples is the largest theater in the world. A unique place where anything is possible.
An Italian-American, John Turturro, in his film "The Passion" was able to say much on the subject. The key is the passion, the feelings as fuel and the Neapolitan knows, since born.
How can we not think of the Greek origins of the music, singing and dancing were the pillars of that culture so refined that over the centuries has been renewed, enriched, and then to give us gifts that are called: De Filippo, Toto, Massimo Troisi, Sophy Loren.
Also lots of films shot in this city, the list is long, and the city reserves some new surprise in music as in theater and cinema. If you listen, many times in Naples you'll find yourself instinctively say is, the show begins!