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tour guide naples, campania
 funny naples
There is something truly vibrant and alive,
something infinite. (John Turturro)
artistic naples
Neapolitans dig the art from the sun.
(Camillo Boito)
legendary naples
Remove Vesuvius to Naples,
and the voice of the enchanted mermaid
awill lose the sweetest harmonies.
(Renato Fucini)
spectacular naples
I apologize all those who
the sight of Naples makes lose senses!
(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)
musical naples
Musical capital of Europe,
ergo of the world.
(Charles de Brosses)
authentic naples
Wonderful, quaint, poignant:
that of the street. (Roger Peyrefitte)
Nature trails (Campania - Italy)



The Campania is the main Italian region with the largest protected area extension.
The natural treasures of Campania are recognized around the world for its uniqueness.



The Greeks gave the definition "flegraios" to this land, which means burning land. This is also a land of many myths. We can walk into the Volcano “Solfatara”, where the God Vulcan, according to a legend lived. We'll see many fumaroles. A long time ago this Volcano was used as Spa used as a spa. Inside the Solfatara we can be surprised by an unusual lunar landscape surrounded by a fertile land, the typical Mediterranean maquis. It is important and fundamental place for scientists to understand the so called phenomenon of "bradyseism”. After a walk, during which we admire the Gulf of Pozzuoli, we reach the Flavian Amphitheatre (built with the money of the citizens of Pozzuoli), where gladiators, performed, and where you can still admire the well-preserved underground part of the building. Then we go to the port where you can admire the so called Tempio di Serapide (a temple dedicated to an Egyptian God); in reality it was the “Macellum” (market place richly decorated with marbles). It was a part of ancient Pozzuoli (roman Puteoli) one of the main port of the Roman Empire.

Duration: 1 day


Landscapes created by a unique harmony between the sea and the wonderful colours of the villages. The name “Amalfi coast”, from Positano to Vietri sul Mare, comes from the city of Amalfi that is the oldest of the four Maritime Republics of Italy. We discover the narrow streets, where we cannot see the sun so easily, where the colours of the houses are typical of Mediterranean area and we can see the terraces slopes full of lemon trees, vineyard. Along the Amafi coast many writers, poets, musicians and other famous people at the "Grand Tour Times”, during the' eighteen century came here to find inspiration. Thanks to the beauty of these places, names such as Ibsen, Wagner, Vidal, Greta Garbo, Kennedy sounded familiar. Ravello is a unique jewel, which was a source of inspiration for the great Wagner. Every year, music and international artists gather here to celebrate Ravello in a fairy tale, the "Ravello Festival". (www.ravellofestival.com)

Duration: 1 day


Capri is certainly the most famous, the land of “dolce far niente" (total relax) for the Roman emperors who chose it. The Blue Island become an international tourist destination, owes its fame to a unique beauty. Capri should live step by step. Imagine to sit at sunset and watch the Faraglioni (stacks of rock) through the Natural Arch at sunset is means the beauty of nature, so you can remember the famous phrase “carpe diem”, live the moment. Capri means to walk and soak in the Mediterranean maquis. Many celebrities have chosen and continue to choose the island for their holidays. There are many villas such as Villa San Michele in Anacapri, wanted by Axel Munthe, personal doctor of the Swedish queen. Nature gives us fantastic gifts such as the Grotta Azzurra. Capri means too we can visit the world in a particular way: we sit down in the famous “piazzetta” (small square) and expect the world to walk in front of us while you taste something good sitting at one of the caffè.

Duration: 1 day


Ischia is the largest island in the Bay of Naples. It means the first Greek settlements in the West and has always shown its volcanic nature; the island is not more than the peak of Mount Epomeo, an underwater volcano. The territory is divided into six districts, and its fame depends on the volcanic origin. It means a several varieties of thermal baths (spas).

Duration: 1 day


Procida is the smallest of the islands and the most allergic to tourism. The tourist has to adapt to the quiet life of the island. Terra Murata characterizes the highest point of the island with a building reserved for political prisoners places (during the Fascism time), with a church dedicated to St. Michael. Holy Week means an important moment for the Catholic Community and not only. Procida means too a famous love story between a local girl Graziella and a french poet Alphonse de Lamartine. The poet returns to France and the girl dies. Every year is chosen "Graziella", only among the girls of Procida.

Duration: 1 day


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