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tour guide naples, campania
 funny naples
There is something truly vibrant and alive,
something infinite. (John Turturro)
artistic naples
Neapolitans dig the art from the sun.
(Camillo Boito)
legendary naples
Remove Vesuvius to Naples,
and the voice of the enchanted mermaid
awill lose the sweetest harmonies.
(Renato Fucini)
spectacular naples
I apologize all those who
the sight of Naples makes lose senses!
(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)
musical naples
Musical capital of Europe,
ergo of the world.
(Charles de Brosses)
authentic naples
Wonderful, quaint, poignant:
that of the street. (Roger Peyrefitte)
Find your relatives in Naples (Campania - Italy)



How many times I have been asked to reach a place that sometimes I myself did not know. It was a popular spot for some monument or, for the beauty of the landscape or for good food. How many times I have been asked to reach a remote village, a small hamlet, a village.
The request arose from the strong desire to see a place or a house for a simple reason but strong in its uniqueness. To accommodate the desire to see the place where my father (or grandfather) started in an attempt to seek his fortune abroad. The monuments, landscapes, tourist places are important, but sometimes it is first of all go back to the origins of his family, in their own places of the heart.
When you see them for the first time it is as if you were skimming an album with photos. At the moment you do not understand, but then slowly in respectful silence warned that strong sense of identity, the desire to get back to basics that you initially ignore.
And how can we forget, example among many, that gentleman cha from the United States wanted to get to a town near Caserta to review the place from which his father had left with her mother many years ago.
Meet by chance to buzz to a lady, his distant cousin, and says, "Excuse me lady… I do not know how to say… Are in the company of his American cousin who would like to meet you." Or how can we forget the lady who left Naples girl, back in his home town and walking along Via Caracciolo kneels down to kiss the ground as she left so many years ago, saying, as if in prayer, "I never thought to see her again."
These are the emotions and the ties that bind my land, Campania, in many countries around the world.
These are powerful emotions that give me my job, along with the wonderful joy of bringing together for a few moments distant worlds.


If you want to meet up with your relatives in Italy, do not hesitate to contact me!